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What is the problem with UV printing now?

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What is the problem with UV printing now?

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Want to make the product in the printing process is not always a problem, so before the need for inspection work before printing, and only through the inspection equipment in the process of operation is not a problem, so a lot of three-dimensional Three-dimensional printing, plastic printing manufacturers will be in the choice of time will be very attention. to say that the next UV printing is now facing the problem is what

1.UV printing ink prices

Although UV inks have the advantage of instant curing and good conjunctive properties, they are relatively expensive and require special UV blankets and UV ink rolls to significantly increase product costs.

2.UV printing ink adhesion

UV ink in the curing, the internal components of the cross-linked polymerization, the volume instantaneous changes in the greater internal stress, affecting the ink on the printing material adhesion. Although the surface treatment or modification of the substrate can improve the problem, but the fundamental solution is to seek and develop good adsorption, shrinkage stress is small, cheap UV ink.

3.UV printing ink suitable fountain solution

UV ink is mainly used for non-absorbent printing materials, and the different printing materials, ink formulations are not the same. So the fountain solution is required to have a wide range of adaptability to ensure the required printing quality.

Although the problem is yes, but now the market for such a technical demand is still there, so his development path is very broad.

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